Service and maintenance

Malfunctions and repairs
We have made a suscription for all tenants at the Woning Helpdesk, when you are dealing with a defect or malfunction in your house or business premises that you rent through RWB Vastgoed Management, you can contact the Woning Helpdesk. At first they will make sure who’s responsible to resolve the problem,  the owner or the tenant. You can check this by yourself at the website from the Government. When you prefere to talk to the manager you can call him during office hours (monday to friday 9.00 – 10.00 a.m.), we are attainable at 023 – 549 0011.  When this time in inconvenient for you, you can ask for a callback request at the Woning Helpdesk.

The condition of your home or business premises falls within the responsibility of the tenant, including the costs involved. Major maintenance will be born by the homeowner and minor maintenance is performed by the tenant. Click to see the overview.

Service costs
In addition to your rental price service costs can be charged. What this means and how the fees are settled, you can read here.

Energy saving
RWB Vastgoed Management is happy to share tips and tricks to save energy. It’s not only cheaper, but also better for our environment without harming your enjoyment.