woningonderhoud-storingen-huurProper maintenance increase your enjoyment. As a tenant you don’t have to worry on major maintenance, this will be done by your landlord. Minor maintenance procedures are in most cases carried out by yourself.

What does the tenant do, what does the landlord do?
Major maintenance includes things such as repairing roofs, replacing the kitchen or exterior painting. Minor maintenance is for example refilling the boiler, replacement of locks and hinges on doors and windows or replacing broken tiles. All major maintenance is paid by the landlord, minor maintenance you should take care of yourself.  See also the document Besluit Kleine Herstellingen (in Dutch)

The document Malfunctions Guidelines will tell you exactly who is responsible  for what concerning maintenance or repair of goods in and around your home.

Self-applied facilities
Are you going to decorate your home, then you probably want to do this according to your own taste and ideas. Even when it comes to modifications and changes in or to the property itself, you will have ideas. However, the resident is not allowed to make any changes in the rented property without the express written consent of the landlord. This applies to both construction and installations. Interconnecting rooms through wiring and the installation of wiring in common areas is not permitted. Painting is only allowed after written approval and to the satisfaction of the landlord.

You want to adjust your home?
You should always consult your plans with your administrator. For the assessment of your application RWB Vastgoed Management will use specific criteria. You can submit your request by e-mail at