Where does RWB Vastgoed Management operate? 
From our core area Haarlem – Amsterdam RWB Vastgoed Management operates throughout the real estate market in the Randstad. We mainly focus on housing, but also small commercial properties or combinations thereof are professionally managed by us.

How can I inform RWB Vastgoed Management about my repair request?
First take a look at the Woning Helpdesk if can can solve the problem yourself. Did you through all the instructions and you haven’t found an answer to your questions? Using the same help-desk you will a link to submit a repair request online.

Where can I find information about maintenance, repair and replacement in and around my RWB Vastgoed Management?
On major maintenance you don’t have to worry, as it is the responsibility of the landlord. Minor maintenance such as refilling the boiler or replacement of locks and hinges on doors and windows you should take care of yourself. More information can be found on our page Malfunctions and repairs or our page Maintenance.

How can I express my interest in a RWB Vastgoed Management property?
You can only react to property that is available on HaarlemWonen by clicking on the interest button with the offer.

What are the criteria to be eligible for a property of RWB Vastgoed Management?
Ultimately the landlord always decides to whom he / she rents the property. In general it can be said the the occupation should fit the living area in terms of family composition and that the tenant must have a sufficient amount of income.

Is it possible for a tenant of RWB Vastgoed Management to move with priority to another RWB Vastgoed Management?
Each rental is assessed separately and landlords also reserve the right of refusal. Of course you can always submit a request to your administrator through normal channels.

How do you determine who is eligible for a vacant RWB Vastgoed Management property?
RWB Vastgoed Management does apply waiting lists per object. Rental applications will be assessed based on criteria supplied by landlords.

To which bank account should a tenant of RWB Vastgoed Management transfer the rent?
You pay the rent most conveniently via monthly, automatic transfer at the bank account below:

ING Bank Haarlem
Attn Stichting RWB Payments
IBAN: NL69 INGB 0670 9108 21

What is the advantage to transfer the rent  to RWB Vastgoed Management by monthly, automatic transfer?
The advantage is monthly, automatic transfer is that you are never late with paying the rent. Upon failure of payment the landlord is entitled to charge administration and collection costs. More information can be found on our page Rental payments.

What should I do when I have problems with rental payments?
If you have rental payment problems, you should contact huurbetaling@rwb-vastgoedmanagement.nl. Upon failure of payment the landlord is entitled to charge administration and collection costs. More information can be found on our page Rental payments.

I have nuisance of my neighbors. What can I do?
Try to talk to each other and try to work it out. If the problem is not resolved, please let us know and we will look how we can help. In our online Woning Helpdesk you will find more information about nuisance and how to cope with it.

How do I terminate my rental agreement with RWB Vastgoed Management and what is my notice period?
You have a notice period of at least one month. Depending on your rental agreement it may be more. Here you will find more information about the termination of the rental agreement.

I have received an invoice for a repair service. Where can I lodge an objection against this?
If you do not agree with an invoice you have received, we refer to our page Objections for more information about submitting an objection.

How can I file a complaint?
If you are not satisfied with an action of RWB Vastgoed Management or one of our employees, please visit our page Complaints for more information about filing a complaint.