Rental increase 2015


What can you expect? 
The starting point for all rental increase is always the inflation (1 %). This percentage may be increased by a surcharge. This increment is designed to make rental prices more competitive. The percentage of the surcharge on the rent is related to the family income of the tenant. The surcharge is at least 1,5 % and at most 4 %.

In practice

  • All tenants:
    1 % + 1,5 % = 2,5 %
  • Tenants with an income between between € 34.085 and € 43.602:
    1 % + 2,0 % = 3 %
  • Tenants with an income above €43.602:
    1 % + 4,0 % = 5 %

If your rent is already competitive, the landlord may also limit the total raise to the inflation increase of 1 %.

Rental reduction
Households who have previously received an income-based rental increase can get a lower rental price if their income suddenly drops. The rental price can then decrease to the level before the rental increase, by a maximum period of two years.

How does the landlord collect  your data?
The additional rental increases will depend on the total income of the persons registered on the address. The tax authority is obliged to provide this information to the landlord if so requested. This declaration needs to be sent by the landlord  before May 1, 2014 together with the proposal.
As from April 7, 2014, the IRS sends a letter to tenants if their landlord has received a declaration of income on the residential address. The content of this declaration is not mentioned.